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Australia e-Series

Australia e-Series / Community Connect
Another project I join with others in my network is Community Connect on the Australia Series where team up with others for weekly webinars to help participants build their e-capability.
I work with a number of very talented educators who deliver wonderful and innovative PD,s from all sectors of education. I have learned much from this talented group of people. I like the community we have grown into within the series. I do appreciate Classroom 2.0 for letting us use the Blackboard Collaborate room free of charge and especially Steve Hargadon.
This is a volunteer role for me, like all the others involved, it is beneficial in connecting educators throughout the sectors to foster cutting edge and inspirational learning styles that will benefit our learners. We have all started working on a collaborative wiki. I belong to a number of projects online and enjoying working collaboratively and building community's of practice and personal learning networks, I see the benefits in the sharing culture..
In 2013 I am leaving this popular webinar series and know it will be in capable hands with the team at the helm
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Community Connect offer you a series of how to do sessions that will help you build your e-capability. Each week we will offer an interactive presentation that will show you how to develop 21st century tools.
Many of the tools can be used for communication, classroom practice, blog and wiki building or just for fun. You can edit wikis in either of two ways using a visual editor, or by working directly with the marked up text.
Looking for a PLN e-leaders PLN Gippsland Region
Join our collaboritive wiki
Community Connect educators became Challenge Mentors for the EPCOPMOOC and will develop a series of webinars during August and September you will find the links on the EPCOP MOOC Link

The Australia e-Series hosted the first #OZeLive where I was part of the Management team
OZeLive Starts Today - "Ed Tech Down Under"
Posted: 21 Feb 2014 03:20 AM PST
external image ozelive_smalltest.jpg

If you're in the Americas, the inaugural (and free) OZeLive virtual conference starts today, Friday, at 4pm Eastern. If you're in Australia, New Zealand, or the South Pacific, the conference starts tomorrow, Saturday, at 8am Australia Eastern Time. Or if you are anywhere else in the world, you can see all of the sessions in your exact time by using the conference schedule page: http://australianeducators.

OZeLive is the result of a dedicated world-wide team wanting to create an event on ed tech that was time-zone friendly for those "down under." Tired of having to be awake at 3am to catch a session live at one of our other events, they've built an great set of sessions that are going to put the shoe on the other foot for the rest of us! But don't worry, everything is going to be recorded, and there still may be sessions that turn out to be convenient to watch live--as you'll see by the schedule below, which is shown in US-Eastern Standard Time.

You will notice that I am the opening keynote speaker. Having lent technical support, and having come up with the original idea for the conference with Coach Carole last year, they may have felt obligated to invite me--but I promise to try and make it interesting! I'm going to talk about the "Learning Revolution:" why I think this is such an important time historically for learning, tying that back to what I've learned in the last seven years of building online communities for education, and then sharing my newest project: It should even be a little edgy and challenging...

Here are all the conference sessions, hour by hour, in US Eastern Standard Time. To see them in your own time zone go to http://australianeducators., where you will be able to get the fuller descriptions and click through to enter the sessions. Hope to see you online!

Friday, February 21
  • KEYNOTE - Steve Hargadon on The Learning Revolution
  • Recipe to flatten your classroom - simple steps to go global - Julie Lindsay
  • Using mobile devices to support teaching and learning - Tara Fagan, Facilitator
  • KEYNOTE - Nancy White: Engage and Ignite with Liberating Structures
  • Open For Learning: Exploring How To Find, Use and Publish Open Educational Resources - Penny Bentley
  • PLN, PLE or CoP - what’s in a name?
  • KEYNOTE - Gail Lovely: The Selection of Apps for Young Learners - Considerations, Criteria, and Exemplars
  • Age versus Internet - How to train older users - Keith Harvey, BFS Tutor
  • Creating Dazzling ePortfolios - Carol Teitelman
  • Bringing the World to Your Classroom - Kathryn Stoerzbach Educational Promotion Manager
  • Mobile Learning: Downloadable Audiobooks - Sue Toms, Head of Libraries
  • From Disengaged to Engaged using Apps - Karen Fainges - Trainer
  • Signposts for Roman riders - Jo Freitag
Saturday, February 22
  • KEYNOTE - Sarah Stewart: Frivolous fun or innovative learning?
  • Creating a flipped classroom and provide feedback through screen recording - Mr. Shingo Gibson-Suzuki
  • Project Based Learning - micro business activities - Sebastian Panakal, e-Facilitator, Wiki Facilitator
  • Student Blogging Challenge - Sue Wyatt
  • The Journey of Embracing Change In The Classroom - Veronica Woo Eu Cheng

  • Mobile Phones: Underutilized Pedagogical Devices - Mr. Pir Suhail Ahmed

  • KEYNOTE - Michael Graffin: Building the "Global Classroom" - An Australian Teacher's Story
  • OZeLive Unconference - Carole McCulloch
  • Content Curation as a Context for Teaching and Learning in Science - Eric A. Walters
  • Kids Afield-empowering kids to explore the natural world via digital photography - Robin K. Long Teacher Environmental Education, Biology and General Science

  • Increase your modern language students' speaking fluency through mobile learning - Harry G. Tuttle, Ed. D
  • Transforming Education In Totality - Stephen Elekwachi(Re-Inventing And Transforming Education In Totality)

  • Improve Reporting Tools to Triple Educators’ Data Analysis Accuracy - Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. (Former Teacher, Site Admin, & District Admin)
  • Robots in the classroom - Tara Fagan, Facilitator

  • KEYNOTE - Julie Lindsay: Connect and collaborate for global understanding - A pedagogical shift
  • Professional Portfolios - Carole McCulloch (Coach Carole)
  • Science and Social Justice: The Perfect Combination - Eric A. Walters, Director of Technology
  • Connecting Communities Online - Junita Lyon
  • How Digital Humanitarianism United A Community - Megan Iemma, Director

  • Disrupting the Classroom: What connected learning really means for your classroom - Sieva Kozinsky - CEO
  • Simply "YouTube" in learning & teaching & at parties - Chris Smith [Shamblesguru]

Sunday, February 23

  • KEYNOTE - Joyce Seitzinger: Pattern recognition: making sense of digital identity, digital curation and digital badges
  • Engaging and Empowering through “E” - Jo Hart, Advanced Skills Lecturer (Foundation Skills)
  • Embedding E in the community education sector: challenges and triumphs - Josie Rose Team Leader Delivery Innovation
  • Web Tools for Inquiry Learning - Vanessa Crouch, Leader of Pedagogy
  • Amazing people in the classroom - Mr Brett Moffatt - Director
  • The Networked Educator - Anne Mirtschin
  • KEYNOTE - Chris Betcher: Conversations For Change
  • OZeLive 2014 After Party

Session 24 will take place 28th July at 8pm
Do you Use Audio Boo and Have a Personal Learning Network?
28th July Community Connect guest presenter Penny Bentley will show us about a fun audio tool called
external image pln.jpg?w=150&h=112
Audio Boo, a fun tool to add to your blog or wiki.
Junita Lyon will then start the discussion and introduce you to the importance of developing your Personal Learning Network. We will investigate new Networks that will help participants build their e-capability further.
What has changed over the last few years and why Personal Learning networks are important to your personal development
Join our team of innovative educators you are most Welcome
Session 23 will take place 21st July at 8pm
Do you like Podcasting?
This week we have another exciting session at Community Connect Barbara Kingsley better know as busybeeteacher will be our special guest .
external image pod.jpg?w=150&h=112
Its all about Podcasting . Create a online radio show .
Before you join us upload Audacity join Ujam and find your self some mp3 music music then join Podbean if you wish to interact within this session .
We will also have a peek at AudioBoo if we have time, Penny Bentley will give us a quick demo.
Session 22 will take place 14th July at 8pm
Do You use Flickr, Audioboo and Tildee?
Join us at Community Connect as presenters Simon Pankhurst, Penny Bentley and Junita Lyon as we offer some web 2.0 tasters this Thursday 14th July at 8pm Melbourne time.
external image as3.jpg?w=150&h=112
Are you building your e-Capability looking for something that can be used in your classroom practice to engage and excite your students
You may like to create some simple tutorials for your students and colleagues
Come along on this interactive journey as Simon helps us create a motivation poster using FlickrCC for the EpCoP Mooc Challenge Mentors and Penny introduces us to the fun of Audio Boo. Junita will then show you a fun quick way to create easy step by step tutorials.
Join Us .
Link to session
Session 21 will take place 7th July at 8pm
Do You use Google Docs?
external image word-google.jpg?w=150&h=112
Join us this week as Pam Ridd, Helen Doyle and Junita Lyon take you on a journey around Google Docs
Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form, and data storage service offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. Google Docs combines the features of Writely and Spreadsheets with a presentation program
Session 20 will take place 23rd June at 8pm
Do you use Slideshare and Youtube in your professional practice?
Join us this week as Katt Matthews, Helen Doyle and Junita Lyon take you on a journey around Slideshare and Youtube
external image youtube.jpg?w=150&h=112
We will show you how to use these tools in classroom practice for presentations or as learning tools. Watch as Katt finishes creating a Google presentation with our input and adds it to SlideShare during the session. We will then embed it into our collaborative wiki. The wiki is open to all and collaborators have it looking great and coming together nicely.
Helen and Junita will discuss and show you how they have used Youtube to engage their students and Junita will talk about movies as an assessment tool in VCAL and ESL.
Session 19 will take place on the Thursday 16th June at 8pm
Do you Facebook?
Join us this week as Penny Bentley and Sue Braggs shows ushow they have developed their facebook groups hear all the tips the positive and negatives .
external image facebook.jpg?w=150&h=112
Hear how Penny has built her PLN page Facing IT about Facebook and how she gets her information. See how Sue Braggs has connected towns community groups to Facebook and how successful it is amongst residents of Benambra an Isolated town in the high country of Victoria.
Learn how facebook can be innovative and a learning tool.
Session 18 will take place on the Thursday 9th June at 8pm
Have you used the tools Wix Livebinders stixy?
Join us this week as e-Champions Katt Matthews & Pam Ridd
external image se.jpg?w=168&h=125
Take us on an exciting e-journey around the useful tools Wix, LiveBinders and Stixy.
Wix is an online Flash development studio with a drag-and-drop interface to allow people without any knowledge of Flash to quickly and easily create Flash websites. A storage place and e-portfolio of presentations
LiveBinder is a 3 ring binder to collect your resources and organise them neatly and easily the perfect bookmarking tool with many other uses
Stixy helps users organize their world on a shareable Web-based bulletin board Users can create tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks on their Stixyboards then share Stixyboards with friends, family, and colleagues.
Join us at 8pm
Session 17 will take place on the Thursday 2nd June at 8pm
More but Blogging with WordPress
external image blogs.jpg?w=150&h=112

Join renown Blogger Chris Betcher as he takes us on a tour of the wordpress dashboard . Learn how to navigate this blogging platform.
Hear how Chris Betcher has success with his blogs and tells us the secrets of professional blogging. Build your knowledge and skill
Join Us at 8pm
Session 16 will take place on the 26th May at 8pm
Do you know about ISpring?
external image ispring_.jpeg?w=150&h=112
Join Kathryn Matthews and Christine Dix as they introduce us to the wonderful presentation tool ISpring.
ISpring is used to create Flash videos out of your PowerPoint presentations. Converting a PowerPoint file into a Flash file has many advantages.
A Flash video file is more secure than an original PowerPoint presentation because it is less easy to modify. This system is optimal for instructors who would like to distribute their lecture slides to their class but don’t like the idea of providing editable or original works
Session 14 and 15 will take place on the 12th -19th May at 8pm
Do you use Blogs in your Classroom Practice?
external image blogs.jpeg?w=150&h=112
Join us as we investigate and learn how blogs are used in the classroom, hear how Junita Lyon has successfully used Blogs for 3 years engaing students in the classroom. We will hear about Helen Doyles favorite Blogs and how Penny Bentley has developed her own personal blog.
Second week we will look at how to embed badges,buttons and widgets
Join us 8pm.

Session 13 will take place on the 5th May at 8pm
An experts view of wiki in our practice!
Do you wiki?
This week we are very proud to introduce you to our guests
Lynne Gibb and Chris Betcher
These two distinguished wiki creators will take us on a journey into the wonderful world of wiki and teach us why wiki is perfect for the classroom or organization and as a personal learning network.
Come along and see participants showcase their wikis and join in on the disscussion.
All Welcome.
Session 12 will take place Thursday 28th April
external image junita552.jpeg?w=150&h=112Do you use voice technology?

During this session we will look at 3 tools being used in the classroom and see how they can be used to engage your students. We are going back to take another look at Voicethread and then see how we can create an avatar in Voki that can be added to our blogs and wikis. We will look at Voxopop and how to set up a talk group.
Join us for this voice technology session.
Session 11 will take place Thursday 14th April
external image atlantis_q.jpeg?w=142&h=94
Do you know about Atlantis Quest?
This week is an exciting new adventure into the world of Atlantis Quest Helen Doyle and her colleague will introduce us to this virtual world
They will show us how this virtual world can be used in the classroom
Join us as we all learn about this new emerging 21st Century way of teaching and learning
Session 10 will take place Thursday 7th April
external image wss1.jpg?w=160&h=120
Do you use Wiki in your classroom?
Junita Lyon Alexandra Doyle and Helen Doyle will show you how they use wiki in their classroom practice.
Junita will show you how her students created e-portfolios of their classroom practice and how wiki is used in ACFE reporting and her development of learning resources.
Alexandra will show you how the outback students of the air accommodate wiki
Helen will show us a world wide project that connected schools in a collaborative project using wiki
Session 9 will take place Thursday 31st March
Helen Doyle will join me as she takes us on a journey around Prezi

external image junita_aaaa.jpeg?w=160&h=120
Do you know about PREZI?
Join Community Connect this Thursday 31st March at 8pm as we show you how to use Prezi for your presentations. Guest presenter Helen Doyle will take us on this Journey into the world of Prezi
Prezi is a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides. Text, images, videos and other presentation objects are placed on the infinite canvas and grouped together in frames.

It allows users to create presentations, where they can zoom in and out or create a path through different objects that represents the order of the information
Here is the Link to this session
Session 8 will take place Thursday 24th March
Penny Bentley will join me as we take you on a journey Digital Storytelling with SlideShows
external image animoto1.jpeg?w=160&h=120
Do you know about Animoto or Photo peach?
Discover new ways to engage students, encourage creativity and enhance literacy skills.
Use free, web based tools to create book reviews, recount historical events, report community activities, make a movie trailer, present a field trip or science experiment, tell a personal tale or any other story you can think of.
You will be shown how to use Animoto and PhotoPeach to upload and arrange images, add captions, music, special effects and a quiz.
Come along to see how it’s done and share your experiences of creating SlideShows for teaching and learning.
Session 7 will take place Thursday 17 March
Helen Doyle will join me as we take you on a journey looking at Glogsters.
external image glogster.jpeg?w=160&h=120
Put simply, they are an interactive poster and another one of those Web 2.0 tools that you won’t be able to live without . Their use is only limited by your imagination and your curriculum though some students used them to advertise their social events as well!
This webinar will include examples of students work and a webtour of how to get started. Come along and discover what Glogster can be used for Glogsters suit students of all ages and learning abilities as they are a perfect way for students with disabilities to express themselves with the many proforma’s available.
We will also briefly talk about the importance of developing a Personal Learning Network.
Session 6 will take place Thursday 10th March
external image wss.jpg?w=160&h=120
Join us for a fun collaborative project that will enable participants to help develop and design a private label wiki donated by ACFE . The theme is everything on the page that stays the same when you’ve edited a page, and as you move from page to page within your wiki. You could think of this as a look of your wiki. The Content area is the part of your wiki page that is controlled by the edit button where you can add images, text, and all kinds of other media The default navigation bar contains a Page List widget that lists the first ten pages of your wiki in alphabetical order.
Want to know more? Would you like to share your knowledge of wikispaces and web 2.0 tools and become an organiser
Join us at “Community Connect” Thursday 10th March.
Session 5 will take place Thursday 3rd March
Pam Ridd will take you on a journey of Google Apps
external image junita55.jpg?w=160&h=120
Do you know about Google APPS?
Gmail Google Groups Google Calendar Talk Google Docs Google Reader RSS blogger and Sites will make your life easier with these 21st Century information tools. Google’s web-based messaging and collaboration apps require no hardware or software and need minimal administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings.
So streamline your life and work with Google applications,and collaborate more effectively, easy to set up has little maintenance and is free.
Want to know more?
Join Pam at “Community Connect” at the Australia Series 8pm Thursday 3rd March
Session 4 will take place Thursday 24th February
external image junita551.jpeg?w=160&h=120
Do You know about wiki?
Why wikis? The way we interact with each other, both socially and educationally has changed with the emerging tools being introduced that increase the effectiveness of instruction and information.
A wiki is continuously “under revision.” It is a living collaboration a sharing creative process. The purpose of a Wiki is not to simply communicate information, but to invite participation and information shared. Wikis are a free and easy to use tool that can powerfully facilitate communication. There are many wiki hosts available and the choice is many during this session we will look at 3 common wikis Wetpaint Wiki, Wikispaces and PBwiki
Want to know more ?
Join us in the Australia Series to learn more about 21st century technology.
Session 3 will take place Thursday 17th February
external image junita55.jpeg?w=160&h=120
Do you know about Drop Box?
Are you familiar with e-portfolios?
Dropbox is a web -based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. that enable you to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization . There are both free and paid services, each with varying options. Dropbox enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synced with Dropbox’s Internet service and to any other of the user’s computers and devices with the Dropbox client.
We will also look into why e-portfolios are gaining in popularity.
Session 2 will take place Thursday 10th February
external image junita_1.jpeg?w=160&h=120

Do you know about photo story 3 ?
When we go away on holidays we always take plenty of photos now you can put those photos into a story about your holiday. Maybe you are a new Mum create a story for the future to capture the many stages of your child’s development.
Be creative a perfect gift for family and friends. Photostory 3 is ideal for student projects the simplicity of its use makes it excellent for all ages.
Photostory 3 is a clever way of turning your photos into a moving story. Developing a photo story can be a lot of fun take a group of photos and tell a story, add some music.
Photo Story 3 is a free online program that you to create fun multimedia presentations from your digital photographs. You can add great effects zoom or scan across the photo and add your chosen coloured text. Choose transitions in-between pictures such as a page turn and add music to your presentation from an existing source or make your own. Save the presentation on a DVD or email it or post it on your blog to share.
Want to know more ?
Join us in the Australia Series to learn more about 21st century technology.
The first session will take place Thursday 3rd February..
external image vt.jpg?w=160&h=120
Do you know about Voice thread?
It is an excellent presentation tool. Voicethread supports many file formats. It is a collaborative, slide show that holds images, documents, and videos.It allows you to move around and leave audio comments .You can also doodle while commenting.
Voicethread is great for presentations of your work or project and is an excellent tool . It is a great way to leave feedback about a project and showcase an idea, a fantastic way to to collaborate.
Participants using the voicethread can be from all over the world and access the voicethread on a website, blog or URL .Voicethread has a layer of media that surrounds a visual central layer. The second layer is created when you add a comment . After adding your photos, video or documents you can then add your voice. It’s important to add your own identity when adding a new voice.
Hint:When you leave an audio think about what you are going to say first.
Want to know more?
Join us in the Australia Series to learn more about 21st century technology.