Broadband for Seniors
Broadband for Seniors Kiosks are situated across the country.
Adult Learning Australia have contracted me to be the Victorian Networker.
My role is to help build a sustainable community of practice and personal learning environment for tutors and hosts who are delivering the training at kiosks throughout Victoria.
This job is very rewarding as I network across the state of Victoria, attend and present webinars and visit 6 sites a month to solve any issues or hear great stories of Seniors engagement.

Broadband for Seniors helpline: 1300 795 897

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My Job role:
Networking with Broadband for Seniors Kiosks throughout the state of Victoria.
Problem solving, collecting data, co facilitating webinars to ensure the sustainability of the Broadband for Seniors kiosks throughout Australia. To help Volunteers build on their skills and knowledge and develop networking skills by encouraging and supporting Volunteers to join our thriving Adult Learning Australia BFS Community of Practice .
List Management
1. Use the data supplied by NEC as a basis, maintain accurate records of the BFS kiosks in your designated area.
2. Develop priority contact lists of centres that are not actively participating in the professional development program or maintaining contact with ALA or NEC.
3. Provide accurate data to ALA and NEC for reporting purposes where required.
Communication and Advice
4. Maintain communication with the kiosks in your area, particularly those on your priority list by email and phone.
5. Facilitate relationships between kiosks for the purposes of recruiting and supporting both participants and tutors in the BFS program.
Professional Development
6. Gather advice from the kiosks in your area about their professional development needs and feed this information back to the BFS team.
7. Provide information to the kiosks in your area about professional development opportunities.
8. Support kiosks with the technical requirements of accessing the online professional development program.
9. Conduct online professional development in an area of your expertise if necessary and / or required.
Team Participation
10. Take part in monthly team meetings to share data and information
11. Take part in ALA staff and contractors meeting each quarter.
12. From time to time you may be asked to represent ALA at key events in your state.