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I can not show the VCAL students blog as I do not have permission sllips
Marie Student

This project was not completed as I left the college in 2010 and my students soon followed, we did enjoy the program and many of the students are now employed in the hospitality Industry. They are all tech savvy.
The hospitality industry is a very diverse environment and many skills are needed to work within the industry. Being multi-skilled is essential. Students at Community College Cafe are taught all aspects of kitchen operations to equip them for future employment.

During 2008 the Community College delivered Certificate II Hospitality (Hospitality operations) for Vcal Esl and General Education students. We set up a cafe where the students developed work skills covering all aspects of cafe work with a simple blended learning approach. The students completed approximately 8 units guiding them towards future employment in the hospitality industry.

This pilot worked better than I imagined. All but one student who started the project completed the required units I set out for them. Students worked well in the cafe and catering environment and cooked and served some very yummy food while learning the hospitality work ethos. It was team building for all involved.

I created a blog for my students to document a daily self assessment of the job task each student preformed. This was a wonderful way to guage how the students were coping and feeling about the work skills task they had completed that day.
I have a student that wants to work in a local restaurant and have shown the student blog to the employer to guage the attitude and dedication of the student seeking employment. He will now make a decision about future employment for the student. He found most staff members the age of my student lost interest and got bored too fast, so a student who shows long term dedication and training will be a benefit to his business.

For 2009 the Hospitality Package has had a few changes. The unit codes are different and the outcomes are a better qualification.
Planning is in progress for the students to develop an e-portfolio wiki as part of a more extensive move to blended learning, in collaberation with Fiona Langston and her literacy class.
A personal wiki will give the students a central place to obtain information and explore, report and complete activities and assesments. Both Fiona and I see sense in collabaration as we are both involved with PD e-learning projects
The development of this project is in progress. WRS will be uploaded to the students wikis and completed partialy online.
The students will also access there Hospitality assessments in the wiki, these can be printed and stored for AQF evidence.

The year has started very calmly for a change I have not had to race around printing reems of manuels or workbooks, I know excactly what the students will be learning as I have already uploaded the work into a wetpaint wiki.
All the information the students need is contained in one place each page covering the units that need to be completed
I have assessments set up in my computer ready to upload to the students wiki as they individualy need them.

Students were introduced to the idea of blended learning last Friday 13.2.09 , and I was thrilled to see the excitment that it generated, they embraced the whole idea with enthusiasm and are keen to begin.
The students have been sent invitations to join a disscussion room in Ning where we will discuss, menus, upcoming events and ideas for improvement of our cafe .

The accreditted students will spent time in the resource room, finding ppts and movies that will instruct them in communication , health and safety and the job tasks needed for kitchen operations.
I set students who had no email address up with a Gmail account.
We will spend one hr a day after the cafe closes in the computer room at the college so students can have study time and I can answer any questions.
I will check the progress of each student using rss to see how they are proggressing and to ensure they are completing assessments and assignments.
Alas Fiona has had a job change and Literacy will no longer be apart of the students e-portfolio.

A resource center has been established for the students to access each unit and will make the training process easier for the individual.
Each page of the wiki covers one unit and all links and information is contained on that one page it will make it easier for the student to develop a learning strategy.
I will document the positives and negatives of this trial as we face them.
Combined with the workskills program I have implemented I look forward to developing this program of blended learning.

Multi Media Classes 24th April 2009
Our first project is movie making and Tansy, Dion and Lauren went to Victoria University as part of the pilot "Engage me" Project. The students attended workshops facilitated by Dale Oztron, they will create and shoot a movie, then upload it to their e-portfolios. Fiona Langston started the movie scripts in literacy but due to her job change this project was scrapped due to time restraints .
The students developed a small interview movie without a script.
The students delivered another project in there e-portfolio for personal development outcomes,they created a tutorial about an online web 2.0 application.

Cafe Report 10th June 2009

Students are working well in the cafe, we are serving around 40 meals a cafe day, the students ability improves weekly. Teamwork plays a major role in hospitality and all students are learning how to communicate and work together.
Students are creating wonderful fresh meals using many vegetables they grow themselves.
Its wonderful to see the face of a student when the dish they have cooked, has positive feedback from our customers.
Our cafe has become more popular than we anticipated, its wonderful to see the students enjoying and coping with such hard work . I certainly would call our cafe a success.

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Certificate II Hospitality
//Certificate II Hospitality(kitchen operations) NTIS//

Students will complete the following units to obtain Certificate II Hospitality (kitchen operations)
//SITHCCC001A// Organise and prepare food
SITHCCC002A Present food
SITHCCC008APrepare stocks,sauces and soups
SITHCCC010ASelect prepare and cook poultry
SITHCCC012ASelect prepare and cook meat
SITHCCC009APrepare Vegetables,fruit, eggs and farinaceous
SITHCCC003A Receive and store kitchen supplies
SITHCCC004A Clean and maintain kitchen premises
SITHCCC005A Use basic methods of cookery
SITHCCC027A Prepare, cook and serve food for food service
SITHIND001A Develop and update hospitality industry knowledge
SITXCOM001A Work with colleagues and customers
SITXCOM002A Work in a socially diverse environment
SITXOHS001A Follow health, safety and security procedures
SITXOHS001A Follow workplace hygiene procedures
SITHCCC006A Prepare appetisers and salads
SITHCCC007A Prepare sandwiches
SITHCCC013A Prepare hot and cold desserts