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How is it working?

The Small NFP Learn Local and some Neighbourhood Houses in Gippsland that I have worked with have already seen the sense in being well networked and one very isolated small Neighbourhood house is using technology to teach teachers across the state using a blended delivery. So although they are Isolated they can now deliver courses further afield.
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What will be good for the small education providers is Vet Commons was launched in April and offers free and payed resources for the whole Vocational Education Sector. This will cut the time down in teachers search for content.

Using technology enhanced learning provides the teacher and student with new ways of teaching and learning, training is conducted with the added use of a computer as part of a blended delivery or fully online.
E-Learning can come in many forms from setting up student e-portfilios of there daily work or using toolboxes or learning management systems such as Moodle. How we develop our e- learning strategies depends on the student cohorts and what is suited to the curriculum we are delivering. Many accredited units can be adjusted to incorporate
an e-learning componant or developed for a completly online course

Nominated for an ACFE Award 2014 The Buchan Team


The Buchan Project is an exciting community ICT project 12 month period, we are a team of educators who are delivering innovative learning, using support mentors on site and online webinars to all demographics of the township and out lying areas of the Buchan District.
This project is funded by Library's Victoria . The team consists of Myself, Katt Mathews, Fiona Ross and Evelyn Schmidt. We are all from across the state of Victoria but often have others from across the country joining us. Evelyn Schmidt coordinator of the Buchan Neighbourhood House and ACFE e-Champion is the program lead and was the person who sought the funding opportunity.
This project was launched by Tim Bull and Darren Chester Local and Federal Goverment.
This project is expanding in 2013 and a number of isolated towns are wishing to come on board and we are happy to have them join us in this community engagement project