I retired from this position voluntarily at the end of 2013 to allow the e-champion to experience this role.
I am happy with the results achieved during my time as Gippslands Learn Local E-Mentor

Junita Lyon ACFE E-Mentor

The ACFE E-Mentor Project is an innovative program funded by ACFE and Skills Victoria and will be delivered from September 2011 -July 2013. I have been invited to be Gippsland Regions ACFE e-Mentor
This was a great opportunity and helped me reach a 4 year goal. This role allows me to team up with an e-Champion who will help me work with a number of Learn Local organizations across the region. Networking will quickly embed e-capability and create a team of e-leaders at the organizational and classroom level.

E-Mentor Project
It is wonderful to be Gippsland Regions ACFE E-Mentor from 2011-2013 this takes me to a whole new area of mentoring and facilitating across my region.
The role has allowed me to team up with an e-Champion Leo Gregorc in 2012 and Evelyn Schmidt who helped me work with a number of Learn Local organizations across the region. Networking plays a large role in building trust across the region and by developing a Community of Practice at our AceNetwork accessible across the region helps ensure transparency and sharing for all involved. The organisations are encouraged to build their e-capability in classroom practice, communication and improve on their networking and community of practice skills. These are new skills sets needed to be a 21st century professional;
e-mentor c.JPG
ACFE Learn Local E-Champions and Mentors

In 2013 we had new e-Champion Evelyn Schmidt join us as Leo headed of to new adventures with the Tafe Development Centre
Evelyn has brought another dimension to the project her enthusiasm and passion and her e-ability have helped develop a sensational year. The e-leaders for 2013 have been very proactive and found the Moodle learning space valuable to their learning.
All the reporting has been completed and reports , case studies and audio files have been sent to Josie Rose our fearless leader.
I took a poll to see how many would like to continue on with the learning and re register for next term, I had 100% wanting to stay with the project so for me that alone makes the hard work worthwhile.
e-mentor project.JPG
The weekly webinars including the summer series have been a great hit and well attended throughout the project, everyone is embracing the pedagogy.
It is always good to see the flow on effect this project producers most of our region Learn Local now have technology embedded into their organisations. Because of the equipment grants that have been on offer,many took the opportunity to introduce IPads,tablets and laptops, which has made it easier to implement the many new skillsets they have developed.
Networking also plays a huge role in building partnerships, marketing and professional development.

Our e-Leader Organisations for 2011

Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House
Noweyung Inc
Bass Coast Learning centre
Sale Adult Education
Sale Neighbourhood House
Community College Gippsland
Benambra Neighbourhood House

Our e-Leaders Organisations for the Gippsland region for 2012-13
Noweyung Inc

Buchan Neighbourhood House
Traralgon Neighbourhood House
Warragul Neighbourhood House
Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre
Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House

I will be worked with a clever innovative E-Champion Leo Gregorc in 2012 who resides about 200kms away who will be a great brainstorming partner follow our progress.
We will be ready for the first site visits this month. We sent out newsletters to our organisations with our plans with a survey needs analysis and links to their new communities online. We will be visiting all our organisations within the next 2 months so a lot of traveling will occur. The goal is to deliver an exciting workshop that will inspire others to try something new and embed a little e. Gippsland Region Community

Leo and I work with e-leaders from ACFE funded Learn Local organizations across our region to help them develop their e-capability.

The participants have been asked to reflect in a blog during the duration of the E-Mentor project for reporting and showcase purposes. We chose edublogs as they will make it easier for our participants to understand the wordpress dashboard.
Leo and I have asked that everyone on the project make a regular time commitment in their schedule to complete this action.
We have let everyone know that the Group created in the AceNetwork ning belongs to them as our home site.
Over the next few weeks Leo and I will populate this group in the AceNetwork Ning with tutorials information and ideas to help e-leaders build their e-capability further. Stay tuned..

We learn and communicate in different ways and to support these different learning and communication needs, we need to learn different uses of technology.
The emerging growth towards building our e-capability and online communication is related to the increasing easy access to information and communications technology.

Much of the E-Mentor project is directed using the self paced model.
This means you do not need to be online at the same time to post and communicate information and messages.
This self paced model will allow you to get the training you need at any time you choose at a pace that suits your learning style and offers you great flexibility. Your assignments and action plans in this self paced model of learning will have scheduled completion dates.
Communication and interaction will generally takes place with the use of E-mails, newsletters, threaded discussions or messages here on the AceNetwork ning.
At the AceNetwork we will introduce participants to a wide variety of technologies and different types of media to engage. Course management systems like Wordpress (edublogs) Blackboard Collaborate (Australia e-Series) as well as audio, video, podcasts and online blogging will play an important role in your learning on the E-Mentor project.

We had weekly online webinars and joined up with southern metro in late October
Here is the Link to our first webinar
Our Second online webinar
We had our second webinar to introduce our e-leaders to Edublogs at 4pm 20th September and discuss why we want them to blog. We hope to have everyone blogging and in the AceNetwork as soon as possible.
Session 2
September 20th
We have started off our site visits and journeying far and wide this week to offer more face to face brainstorming and action planning to 4 more organisations.
Leo is doing a great job It is easy to brainstorm ideas with him and his own ideas have plenty of merit, I have found that we tag team well and have collaborated successfully. Our focus is to build our community with our e-leaders in the ACENetwork Ning and help them and their organisations build their e-capability with their needs in mind.
Our e-Leaders are gearing for holidays so we are hoping they will start there blogs while they have a bit of time. By the end of this week we will have only 1 organisation left to visit and we will go there after the school holidays. The week they go back to work we will send out our monthly newsletter.
At our webinar today Leo demonstrated edublogs and I discussed why we want everyone to create a blog and start reflecting on this journey.

First meetings face to face.
Meetin with Don Ripper - CCG meeting Wednesday 14th September 2011
CCG has an already well established eLearning environment - it is just not used effectively and to its greatest advantage. Don is a champion in his own right and will be a pleasure to work with this organisation.
We discuss the primary need of this organisation in regards to the enhanced use of the Moodle platform as both an LMS and CMS.
What Don has requested from this project is the following:
Moodle Training for Staff.
  • Train staff on how to set up a course in Moodle
  • How to navigate sucessfully around the site
  • How to create resources and activities
  • How to manage file
  • How to link files to resources
The training sessions will be user focused on how to have a practical and hand on approach to using the system.
The training group will primarily be Middle managment and selected members of CCG

Meeting with Sue braggs Benambra NH Friday 16th September
Sue Braggs at Benambra NH has started developing a social networking environment in Facebook.
Sue has set up a NH Facebook group and a couple of groups within the social networking site for residents.
  • Developing an online presence for local groups
  • First step for residents online
  • Interest groups relevant to area
  • Most of community are involved in one of the groups (not online)
  • Facebook classes first
Her goal is to offer residents blended training in the genre of their Facebook groups
  • Get the majority of her community connected online.
  • Get residents comfortable in the online environment.
  • Network with other organizations on the e-Mentor project that can offer classes online in the genre of Benambra face book groups or relevance to community needs.
  • Join Lakes Entrance in offering a free photography club cross region networking group
I agree with Sue a good tactic for such a sparse region, it will attract all age demographics. Benambra is an isolated area in East Gippsland high country with a mainly ageing population who suffer the tyranny of distance. By starting the community with a blended approach, will encourage them to go further.

Meeting with Evelyn Schmitt Buchan Neighborhood House
Action Plan
  • Develop a survey to see what the community wants and determine what BNH can deliver in terms of eLearning
  • Website ness to be worked on so that there is greater autonomy in terms of promotion, acess and information - make a link to the wiki where more information will be documented
  • Develop wiki
  • Create separate pages to house specific information for community
  • Allow different levels of access to pages within wiki - allow particular stakeholders organisers access to the wiki page
  • Using Bb collaborate for Meetings for community organizations in the east gippsland region of neighbourhood houses
  • Have people be able to attend meetings from their house and from the community house
Need to develop a survey
  • ideas for question
  • what do you want to learn
  • what do you want to offer
  • what is a good time to learn
  • do you want to learn from home
  • are u happy to come to the house to learn
  • do u understand what online communities are
  • Information day, prior to survey closing
  • what types of groups are there in the community
Eldery - how to search the net
Farmers - what is appropriate for them specifically - what is out there for farmers to use
Information session / information day prior to the closing the survey to show the community what is available
How to use Facebook
How to use the www to act a as resource for specific members of the community

Meeting with Gayle Webster Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House 10th October
We discussed her intrest in developing her organisations Facebook persona.
Gayles immediate Action plan
  • To keep up with changes in social media
  • Provide current information to Community and Staff
  • Investigate Facebook for advertising purposes
  • Fully understand terms and conditions so to effectively set up a line of communication via Social Media networks with her East Gippsland network.
  • Pass information onto other organisations in her network
  • Attend Social Media workshops
Gayles first action is to become familiar with the rules and laws associated with Facebook and to teach others in her Network about Facebook rules and regulations.

Meeting at Moe Neighborhood house with Shirley
Facebook is a priority to get set up
Action plan.
  • Set up Facebook page and begin to start to post happenings on the page.
  • Need to promote MNH within the community and start to network with other organizations in and around the Moe area
It is important that the whole community is aware of what is happening at MNH and what services can be offered
How can MNH support other organizations and how can other organizations support MNH how can other support networks link back into the MNH network
  • Need also to start to build the reputation of the MNH in the area
  • What do the residents of Moe want from their Neighbourhood House?
  • What types of learning do they need?
  • How do we start to being the house together and the community together? (see what is happening in the other neighbourhood houses to get some ideas and inspiration
  • How do we get more interest in the website
  • Need to promote what is happening at MHN on facebook
  • Link posts from website back to Facebook and vise-versa
  • Need to begin to promote for the target Audiences: (unemployed, youth, migrants) the types of workshops that MNH will be offering
  • Set up a FB page with a couple of groups for the activities that are running
Contact people
  • being to create a database of all the people that come into MNH - need email basically
  • Who are the key people in the community that need to be contacted and connected with to build the network stronger
  • What can these people offer MNH and how can MNH support these people/organizations and other local networks
  • Make a poster to get people to 'like us on Facebook'
  • If they don't how how to do this see if they would be interested in signing up for a free intro course on how to set up a Facebook page, etc
Workshops we can offer in 2012:
  • Facebook and Skype - seniors, youth,
  • how to use Blogger (this is where the website has been developed in so it will be important for the key staff at MNH to learn how to update it as they need
  • make a list of all the people that Shirley knows to let them know about MNH
  • make a poster to like us on Facebook

Meeting with Glenda McPhee Noweyung
Set up a ning
  • To create a communal space where greater autonomy can be had around design, communication, resources, groups
  • Need to link in with the centre that is in Orbost (connect with Margaret)
  • Need a workable website so that they can post pictures of the events that are held, promote activities, create groups for the different divisions of Noweyung
  • Need a central place where information can be shared between the organizations
Overarching goal for Noweyung is 'How do we make Noweyung viable?'
  • Already established the need to setup an IT plan and supporting committee to ensure this happens
  • AFCE eMentor project can assist in providing some of the direction and support to help guide and shape this
Action plan
  • Need to get clear on infrastructure What does the IT plan look like? What types of stakeholders are needed o. The committee? What skill set is needed in the Committee?
  • Currently there is a SPAM filter on the network that needs to be re-configured so that the organization can join the ACE Ning network. This will also be important to streamline as the organization moves towards the integration of their own Ning.
Workshops we can offer in 2012:
How to use the Ning
  • Different levels of training required - from administrators, creators to members
  • Training will be inline with IT plan

Meeting with Kathryn at Sale neighbourhood house
Action plan
Need to simplify communication for all key stakeholders
  • Create Facebook page to cluster her networks
  • Facebook will allow for the creation of groups and improve information dissemination
  • Bring together the gippsland region as part of her other project she is working on
Website re-work Access Hard to reach learners-
Need to be able to simply this so that information can be updated regularly
  • opportunity to support them in their learning
  • improve communication
  • good use of time and resources
How can eLearning time be put to creative use
  • need to have set guidelines for ACFE eMentor program
  • Put aside up to 1 hour a week to complete tasks (this can be broken down into 2x 30 mins or 4x 15 mins)
  • Need to check in with the ACENetwork Ning - updates, reviews, check happenings, ask questions, reply to comments, etc, etc
  • Blog post - EDUBlogs - need todo this as part of ACFE project
  • Does not have to be long - up to 150 words
  • Can be used as a place to reflect on what is happening
Workshops we can offer in 2012:
  • Facebook and Skype - seniors, youth, hard to reach learners
How can we streamline enrolments, disseminating information, internal and external reporting

Feedback from Skills Victoria Reporting ..
Hi All
Thought I would share with you the feedback from Skills Vic on our report. Thanks again for your input and now it is just a good showing at Converge ;lft to top off a mighty good start!
Message from Sally below: (From Josie Rose lead on the ACFE e-mentor project from CAE )

"Thank you for this comprehensive report which has been read thoroughly and meets our requirements.
It's great to hear about all the activity that has been happening across the ACFE regions and all the results that have been achieved thus far. It's particularly pleasing to hear of the high number of organisations involved in the program and that a range of e-champions are taking on leadership roles in their region by becoming the e-mentor. I found it very interesting to read that 82% of the applicants were entirely new to e-learning 54% did not have it articulated in any organisational planning, which says a great deal about the support the sector needs for e-learning and the value of this program.
I look forward to hearing more at ConVerge, in November 2011.
Kind regards
Senior Project Officer
Skills Victoria

Reporting 2011 December

E-Mentors report. Junita Lyon
Leo and I met for the first time at the start of this project and he came highly recommended. Since then I feel we have connected and brainstormed well. We also had similar ideas about our organizations needs which made it easy to bounce our ideas off each other in our personal discussions as well as, at the site visits with our e-leaders. We tackle any issues we are faced with and are able to solve any problems that arise, easily. We are both flexible and offer extra help to all our e-leaders when needed, together or individually. I feel very privileged to be working with such an innovative, clever and articulate man who has inspired me and been a wealth of information and support.

The first decision Leo and I discussed was where to have our Community of Practice, after a discussion about whether to set up our own or use the one we already had, we both agreed that the Ace Network Ning was the logical place because it connected with others that are experienced in the concept and delivery of e-learning in their practice.
It made sense to continue to populate this site and to build on what Josie has already developed for us.

We often go to American based Community’s of Practice such as Classroom 2.0 to get our information which is fantastic, but I would like to see a more local based Community grow that is more relevant to Australia and our Learn Local organizations. The ACENetwork Ning is the logical perfect place to nurture this further.

My experience from the Australia e-series and the many webinars I attend throughout the world in synchronous time is that Australia has a unique model of delivery and sharing so it stands to reason we should also have our own community of practice that helps develop this uniqueness further. I have had a lot of positive feedback about our Aussie style of sharing and our relaxed way of delivery.

We started our site visits very keen to hear from our new e-leaders about how they envisaged there organizations future. We discussed how building e-capability at the organization level would help improve their time management, communication, networking and deliverables internally and externally, aimed at a growing technology Savvy community.

We were lucky that in our region there has been a positive push from our regions ACFE board towards developing networking and communications on line. Because of this 99% of our e-leaders had an idea that there was an expectation to move towards a more online presence.

This made it easier as the e-leaders themselves realized the importance of understanding the change that is taking place, for their own professional development, as well as their organizations marketing strategies

Each organization because of demographic and student cohorts have different needs. So our site visits focused on these needs and the e-leaders Action Plans reflected them.

We set up tasks for our e-leaders to complete between webinars and both Leo and I participated in extra one on one site visits to help those needing extra attention.

Networking and Social Medias was our starting point as a group, we requested all join the Acenetwork Ning and become part of our community so that they could have ongoing support daily. We added our newsletters, tutorials and encouraged our team to participate and become involved in this site.

Some e-leaders had problems finding their way around the ning, so with a bit of guidance we helped them develop their skill further.

Our next step was to encourage our e-leaders to set up blogs for reflection and reporting we felt this would offer them a place to document their experiences. We delivered synchronous classes about how to develop their blogs and find their way around the Ning. Those that had experience with blogs found this a simple task where as those with none struggled a bit.

Time was always the complaint so we suggested that everyone put aside some time to blog as part of their commitment. This has not worked as well as I would of hoped I would like to see a more regular commitment to this task ,but everyone has at least started their blog and we will continue to encourage this practice.

For some they were taking their first step into the world of technology and their equipment and IT support reflected this. It took extra time and patience to encourage these newbies to feel comfortable joining the blackboard collaborate environment and learning to find their way around the dashboards of the ning and blogs.

It is wonderful to see those that had a genuine fear of the unknown join us and now contribute to the project.

Most organizations are now offering classes for the first time for Skype, Face book, blogging, e-portfolios, photo sharing and digital storytelling to name a few, some have sent out e-newsletters and most now have facebook pages and groups or have started a wiki or a ning. .

What our e-leaders have on the horizon is exciting as they all look for more innovation and ICT grants that will ensure even the smallest of organizations can offer their community a flexible blended approach to classroom delivery, online communication and connections with social media.

One organization which is part of a cluster of accredited organizations has already started learning Moodle thanks to Leo’s, expertise this will be expanded to the other organizations in 2012.

Our e leader organisations 2013
Noweyung Inc
Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre
Buchan Neighbourhood House
Traralgon Neighbourhood House
Warragul Neighbourhood House