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Dale Oztron Facilitator
I took three students to attend Victoria University to learn more multi media skills through AMES
We are learning about Movie making and various multi media skills
Creative versus Consumption.

Documenting what you do will have more impact than what you are doing
How do we engage the student?
We started our first multi media class and the students showed great enthusiasm.
Our first project was movie making we made a series of short films shown on our presentation day and within the "Engage me" program.

Students went to the Victorian University in Melbourne, to learn new skills facilitated by Dale Oztron.
This helped enhance there multi media skills as part of the "Engage me program"..
My ESL students enjoyed interviewing each other with the flip video they made some great movies have allowed me to show them .

How did I implement this?
I set up a media studies class for the last 4 months of the year and students produced a body of work and added it to their wet paint wiki.
One of the students projects, was to make a tutorial about an application they could embed into their wikis.

The students added a page dedicated to media studies in their e-portfolio. The task was preformed well and all students gave a report on the web 2.0 tool they chose to learn and share with the class

The students documented there journey in media studies in their wetpaint wiki e-portfolio and worked further on the scrip in their literacy class.
I convinced the college to invest in a flip camera for the students to create a personal movie and learn about using movie maker, we struggled with this project, due to problems with the colleges computers.
The guidelines to writing a script and developing it, was shown to the students at Victoria University, Our facilitators taught us all how to handle and use a flip camera and were shown how to use online mover maker programs.

The plans we made at the start of the media studies class to make a vampire movie was aborted due to various reasons but each student still created a short interview movie. The engage me project was still a success as all the students intrest in web development inproved.
All students participated and enjoyed the tasks set out for them.

The students project as well as a movie, will be to show the rest of the class an application,from Web20 and make a tutorial about it as part of personal development. It is a exciting project and I hope acheivable.
Time will tell with this project the students have poor attendence.
Each student developed a tutorial using a Web 2.0 application. Slideshare, comic life, chrome screen, msn were the chosen applications
The students dilligantly worked on the projects over time and completed the task.

Melbourne ready to start Engage me program

Our first mash up filmed by all the class edited by Dale

During the "Engage Me" workshop we were shown "Comic life", It is a trial package and will cost around $30.00.
This is my first effort it was very easy and I can see future possibilities, for the students

Laurens Comic Life