Junita Lyon
37 Dawson St

Maintain excellent interpersonal communication
Team Leader and team builder
Time management
Problem resolution skills
Skill and knowledge of VCAL work related skills
Knowledge of AFrame learning Model
Knowledge of e-learning
Skill and knowledge of wiki/blog and e-portfolio creation
Skills and knowledge of hospitality industry
Skill and knowledge of retail Industry
Informal learner

  • Trainer and Assessor, YNH services Online facilitator, Tutor Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House
  • ACFE E-Mentor for Gippsland Region CAE
  • ACFE E-Champion
  • Manager coordinator Community Connect Australia e-Series
  • Developer of Personal Learning Network for educators
  • Implementation development and design of fully online classes
  • Developed blended learning / wikis and blogs in education and e portfolio,s for professionals
  • Developed successful training programs for vocational education students for a wide variety of hospitality ,aged care, children services, retail and media studies units
  • Designed and implemented training courses for Hospitality and Media Studies for accredited Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning and non accredited Connections Program
  • Implemented and developed a training course fully on online for accredited SITOHS002AFollow workplace hygiene procedures.
  • e-learn developer with accessace project Circles of professional practices
  • Implementation of a work skills related College Café, 2 days a week at Community College East Gippsland.
  • Sessional Volunteer in Psychosocial Rehabilitation program for Snap Inc
  • Owner/ manager/cook “Healthy Happening” health food café
  • Owner /manager/cook Metung Village Takeaway
  • Owner manager Tanjil cottage Bairnsdale

1 year Manager facilitator and PLN builder

  • Developing learning content for weekly webinars
  • Organizing and assisting presenters
  • Team Leader Challenge Mentors EPCoP MOOC
  • Developer of a website for educators
  • Social media PLN organiser
  • E-Mentor
6 years Training/ Assessing, online and face to face a variety of diverse units
  • Responsibilities include providing instruction, developing programs for individual students needs in the area of hospitality and media studies.
  • Ensuring all students are trained to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and relevant Industry standards in a safe training setting with scheduled assessments
4 years developing e-learning programs
  • Implementation and development of fully online classes
  • Blended learning / wikis and blogs in education
  • Accessace e-learning development
2 years implementing a café for Community College East Gippsland
  • Responsibilities include providing instruction in basic cookery
  • Gathering evidence for Work related skills in the program VCAL and VET sector.
1 year psychosocial rehabilitation volunteer and worker for Snap Inc
  • Implementation of a cookery course as part of a psychosocial rehabilitation program
  • Looking after the needs of the client group during a respites in Bendigo
30 years working Hospitality Industry in Australia and New Zealand
  • Café owner, manager and cook at the Healthy Happening in Bairnsdale
  • Café owner, manager, cook at the Metung Village Takeaway
  • Tea Rooms owner Tanjil Cottage Bairnsdale
TAA40104 Complete Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

TAADEL501A Online Facilitation
BSZ40198 Certificate IV in Assessment and Work place Training
CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practice

CHC30699 Partial completion Certificate III in Community Services
CHCCD12A Undertake Work in Community Services Industry
CHCINF1A Process and Provide Information
CHCADMIN2A Provide Administrative Support
CHHCCOM2A Communicate Appropriately with Clients and Customers
CHCNET1A Participate in Networks
CHCORG4A Follow Organisational Health and Safety Policies
Mental health first aide
ITH302 Certificate III in Information Technology
THHO2 Certificate II Hospitality
THHGHS01B Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures
THHBCC11B Implement Food Safety Procedures
THHBFB09B Responsible Serving of Alcohol
THHBFO02B Provide Accommodation Reception Services
THHBH01B Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests
THHBH03B Prepare Rooms for Guests
THHCOR03B Follow Health Safety and Security Procedures
Train the trainer certificate with Liquor Licensing Victoria
Certificate of Accreditation TABCORP Seller
Certificate of Workplace First Aid level two
Online networking
Walking for health

Broadband for Seniors
Answering the job description criteria for Broadband for Seniors
Enthusiasm for the Internet and its potential to improve the lives of Senior Australians

My enthusiasm for the internet and its potential plays a large role in my everyday life, I have been involved in helping others build there e-capability since 2007 . My role as an E-Mentor has given me the opportunity to learn how to build PLN,s and develop a COP with a network of e-leaders in my region helping them implement technology into their training and organizational needs .

There is increasing importance in developing a culture that encourages communication, life long learning, sharing experiences, skills and ideas that can then past on to seniors who are encouraged to feel comfortable connecting online with family and friends or to help find information relevant to their needs.
Understanding of adult learning principles and experience providing professional development or learning programs for adults
Adult learning principles
  • Needs Assessment, Doing an adequate needs assessment is standard practice of adult learning, many register for the same program and come with different experience and expectations.
  • Safety is a principle linked to respect for learners as decision makers of their own learning.
  • Sound relationships for learning involve respect, safety, open communication, listening, and humility
  • Sequence and Reinforcement all training should be properly sequenced from easy to difficult, from simple to complex.
  • Action with reflection Doing is generally the way adults learn anything
  • Respecting learners as decision makers of their own learning is a principle that involves the recognition that adults are in fact decision makers in a large part of their lives.
  • Ideas, Feelings, Actions
  • Learning with the mind, emotions, and muscles and giving attention to the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects of adult
  • Learning Immediacy Research recognizes that adult learners need to see the immediate usefulness of new learning: the skills, knowledge, or attitudes they are working to acquire.
  • Clear Roles,Another vital principle of adult learning is recognition of the impact of clear roles in the communication between learner and teacher.
Experience working with a not for profit community based organisation and / or understanding of community development principles and practices
My role working for Lakes Entrance Neighborhood house and as the coordinator of the free webinar series Community Connect has given me experience working with not for profit organizations .
Not for Profit organizations offer Community development that is geared towards a holisticapproach toaddressing the community’s needs. Emphasis is placed upon identifying and blending the values, needs and aspirations of residents, community members and other appropriate stakeholders for the benefit of all involved.
Maintaining and managing a list of kiosks in state / territory including information about how the kiosk is progressing, whether the tutors are new adopters of technology through to proficient enthusiasts.
Communication is paramount in developing maintaining and managing
any not for profit community. Information must be collected and distributed on a regular basis to ensure tutors have access to current information and to ensure the kiosk is progressing within the guidelines and the principles of the Broadband for seniors program. Meetings with all tutors involved should be imbedded in policy and procedure and should be regular.
Making contact with as many kiosks as possible via phone, email and face to face visits
Communication is the key to success of any project and making regular contact online by email, phone and face to face visits to all kiosks ensures information that is shared is current and relevant to the ongoing success of the project. Also problems can be solved quickly and news forwarded throughout the network.
Providing advice to kiosk coordinators and tutors on recruiting and supporting volunteers, adult learning principles, and Information Communication Technology
Combined with regular online meetings a Community of Practice will enhance an ongoing communication stream and help provide advice to coordinators tutors and supporting volunteers by sharing and exchanging information in synchronous time or within a forum of their peers
Encouraging participation in the Community of Practice by either advertising sessions , inviting tutors to attend activities and posting relevant information on the bulletin board
Developing a community of practice that is flowing and vibrant and filled with relevant information is essential in engaging tutors and getting them involved in activities and sharing peer to peer.
News forums, webinars, emails and newsletters are ways of encouraging participation and building your Community of Practice
Gathering information about areas where tutors need support and forwarding this to the Coordinator and team in order to plan appropriate Blackboard Collaborate/Elluminate sessions.
Gathering information from volunteer tutors and ensuring they have the support needed is essential for the development and sustainability of the kiosks and the training webinars
Posting relevant information to the Bulletin Board
A bulletin board is a news board that can be developed to create peer to peers conversations that encourage sharing and engagement
Taking part in regular team and staff meetings via Elluminate with the Project Coordinator and other Networkers.
Team and staff meetings are essential they are necessary for the ever changing information that occurs during a project, they are instrumental in developing ideas, solving problems offering new information and developing guidelines.

Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, SA
Remuneration of $850 per month is available to the successful applicants with an additional $200 per month to reimburse travel expenses.

About the BFS Tutors Community of Practice

ALA’s component of the BFS program is to support the volunteer tutors working in the 2000 kiosks through maintaining a community of practice through online, phone and face to face communication. The Community of Practice includes regular web based professional development sessions for tutors and a bulletin board for posting information and useful learning resources.

The need for a Community of Practice for volunteer tutors working in Broadband for Seniors Kiosks emerged early in the first iteration of the project but became particularly important as the project moved from the service delivery to ongoing support phases for various sites. Some of the “similar situations” that volunteer tutors found themselves dealing with were:

  • Varying levels of understanding / expertise from the host organisations about recruiting, supporting and sustaining volunteers. An extraordinarily broad range of organisations applied to host kiosks, some of whom added the service to well established community development activities and systems, some of whom had limited infrastructure and community development expertise.
  • Varying levels of expectations about the software provided and its potential for impacting on the lives of seniors. The initial stage of the project sought to meet the basic access needs of the broadest range of seniors in the most accessible way. This was challenging for some kiosks and limiting for others.
  • Technical difficulties and adjustments. The project covered both “Greenfields” and existing set-ups, each with its own peculiarities and challenges and with varying levels of on the ground IT expertise.
  • Varying levels of enthusiasm from tutors. Some sites for kiosks had histories of recruiting and supporting volunteers while others have struggled.