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Lakes Entrance Neighborhood House
In 2012 a lot of activity happened at the neighborhood house . Students worked on improving there Internet skills, photography and hospitality employ ability and life skills .
Gayle the coordinator is a forward thinking Networker and innovative program organizer who sees the benefits in ICT. It has been great to see Gayle blossom over the last few years
I taught our students how to develop an e-portfolio and develop employ ability skills, this is a great project funded by the ACFE innovations grant.

I have had a long association with Lakes Entrance Neighborhood House it is where I predominately work face to face as a sessional facilitator delivering classes about ICT and cookery (my other passion) . These classes are designed for the seniors in our community and I have delivered facebook, beginners computer, photo sharing, email and blog creation. Another of my courses I have delivered for mission employment and the neighbourhood house is an online toolbox driver education program to indigenous students of all ages, which allows the students to learn how to get their learners permit. This program is called the ignition program and this coming year it will be accredited. Sheryl Sielly from Mission Australia is behind the local program . The designer for this program was awarded the Warreker award for 2011.

Another course I deliver at Lakes Entrance is a cookery class that helps long term unemployed lean new life skills which they document in an e-portfolio. They also take computer classes to help them achieve this.
Lakes Entrance is a coastal tourism and retirement town that has been a popular holiday spot for a century.
Residents have difficulty in obtaining local training and the Neighborhood House is the training hub for adult education.



YNH Services
YNH Services employs me on a casual basis to co facilitate a fully online course called
Reflect and Connect on Professional Practice My Reflective Blog
Become an e-learner
The Reflect and Connect Course has changed the way I think and focus on my professional practice and my role in the big picture of things. I am not an academic but I still have a role to play.
I enjoy being the first port of call for those that are ready to enter the world of blended delivery for classroom practice.I like to watch as talent blossoms around me and I see the future of learning evolve in positive ways that engage.
It is wonderful to brainstorm with such talented people I have networked. I have made many friends on this journey that are part of my life long learning, we share information, ideas, ideals and a passion for the welfare of our students and how can we engage
The Reflect and Connect course (and innovative thinking) has allowed me to get to a place in my life where I am very content.

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Connected Educators- Lync Community's Online

This project was lead by Anne Hardingham with Katt Matthews and myself co collaborators.
The aim was to set up a number of Learn Local organisations to trial Lync in the workplace.

Lync is…. Instant messaging…voice and/or video conferencing…desktop / application / file sharing on the fly.This was an exemplar project for Learn Local organisations in the use of Microsoft® Lync™ as acommunication / teaching tool.Access to the tool is already available through the Microsoft Agreement, Through training and support.ACFE eMentors and eChamps will continue to use Lync as a communication tool across Victoria,connecting with 61 Learn Local centres currently in the ACFE eMentor project 2012 / 2013.The objectives for 2013 are for CAE and AMES to:
  • provide access to and technical support for MS Lync to managers and teachers
  • explore the use of Lync on mobile devices such as iPads, initially for the eMentors and eChamps
  • establish online communities of practice across participating Learn Local organisations in Victoria
  • focus on developing Lync as a tool in developing alternative training / support models for Learn Local centres
  • develop a series of case studies showcasing the use of Lync in the Learn Local sector